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About Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman, Ph.D.

Caren Baruch-Feldman is the author of the book titled, The Grit Guide for Teens (July 2017). She uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help children and adults with depression, anxiety, stress, ADHD and weight loss. She maintains a private practice in Scarsdale, works as a school psychologist in Westchester County and, for many years, was Camp Psychologist at Camp Ramah in Nyack, NY. Caren is an expert in conducting psycho-educational evaluations for children experiencing school-related difficulties. She has also trained hundreds of teachers, parents, children and health care professionals giving workshops and lectures throughout the country.

The Private Practice

Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman is an experienced clinical psychologist with a private practice in Scarsdale, NY. Caren is a seasoned practitioner of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the treatment of depression, anxiety, stress, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, ADHD, social skills deficits, family issues and weight loss.

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Getting Staff to be Gritty – Video

Business consultant and camp guru, Sarah Kurtz McKinnon, interviews psychologist, writer, and fellow EOT faculty member, Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman, about selecting staff with grit and cultivating their on-site perseverance.