Dear Dr. Feldman,

I loved that you take your time and come and visit us. You made my day. I enjoyed that we got to pet Brandy. She was cute and soft. I am happy you taught us how to let her smell before you pet her because I don’t think my grandmother taught me that. I liked to learn about the S.A.F.E. Doggy Program I hope you can come again soon.


November 2010, 3rd Grade Student, Westchester Day School, Mamaroneck, NY

Hi Caren,

Thank you so much for the incredible amount of energy and passion you put into presenting for our KIPP NYC team and family.  It was truly a pleasure to work with you, and I’m grateful that our KIPPsters had the opportunity to learn from you.


March 2012, Amber Field, Director of Professional Development, KIPP NYC

Dear Dr. Baruch-Feldman,

I wanted to let you know that I have received so much positive feedback from your presentation last night (Navigating Friendships Across the Ages.) The parents and the members of the administration that were present felt it was time well spent and walked away with some valuable strategies to help “coach” their children.

I’m sure when we pick our evening topics for next year we will reach out to you again.  Thanks so much for coming to speak!

November 2014, C.H.I.L.D Parents, Byram Hills School District

Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman brings her vivacious spirit, sense of humor, and psychological acumen to her presentations and training sessions around the world. Whether speaking with camp directors, professional educators, or youth leaders, Caren is able to clearly communicate theory and practice in ways that immediately help folks improve their work with kids. Always inspirational!


November 2015, Chris Thurber Clinical Psychologist, Camp Consultant, Founder of, Author of the Summer Camp Handbook

Hi Caren,
Loved your article, “Make It About YES! Make It About JOY! “
Thanks for sending it.  I truly enjoyed reading it.
Warm wishes,

September 2014, Dr. Robert Brooks, Psychologist, Author and Speaker


Wanted to say a belated kudos to you on a beautifully informative and engagingly presented presentation to our parents the other night!

December 2012, Dr. Sharona Benoff, School Psychologist, Westchester Day School, Mamaroneck, New York

Thanks Caren,
Good to hear from you and delighted to see how far you’ve gone in your career.  I liked both your pieces (“Making New Habits and Building Willpower – It’s Not Just for Dieting” and Maintaining New Habits and Building Willpower- It’s Not Just for Dieting) –full of important good advice and specific strategies, clear, and I’m sure useful to many people.
Every good wish, and warm regards,

September 2014, Dr. Walter Mischel, Psychology Professor, Columbia University

Great Insights in your presentation on “What Works and Doesn’t Work to Decrease Stress” at the Tristate New Hampshire Camp Conference.

March 2014, Efraim Yudewitz, Camp Director, Camp Tel Nor, New Hampshire

Thank you, Caren.

Your presentation on “Helping People Change – It’s Not about Willpower” was wonderful. We are lucky to have you in Scarsdale!

Best wishes,

April 2014, Elizabeth Bermel, Director, Scarsdale Library

Dear Caren,

Thank you for your presentation on “Using Cognitive Behavioral Strategies for Treating Stress and Worry in Children and Adolescents.” You got rave reviews by some tough people.  They loved your practicality.

November 2013, Ernie Collabolletta, Chairman, New York Association for School Psychologist, 2013 Annual Conference

Hello Dr. Baruch-Feldman,

I attended your afternoon workshop at the Albert Ellis Institute on June 13. I enjoyed it tremendously. I wanted to thank you for all of your incredible resources and presentations that you so generously share on your website. It is so unusual to find that, and I wanted you to know how much it is appreciated. I have shared it with colleagues and have suggested they find other workshops you are presenting. Thank you so much!


June 2014, Graziella Brunetti, LMSW, School Social Worker, Riverton Street Charter School, NYC

Dear Caren,

Your presentation on “CBT Strategies for School Age Children” was brilliant. Every bit of information you offered was useful, applicable and meaningful. Thank you for the time you put in the presentation and effort you made.  I will be one of your followers for sure and look forward to being present at your talks.

June 2014, Lama Khouri, Social Worker and Director, Circle Oasis

Hi Dr. Baruch-Feldman,

I attended your workshop yesterday on “Using CBT Strategies for Treating Stress and Worry in Children and Adolescents” at the Guidance Expo and it was fabulous!  At our building team meeting today I repeated your example of the bank shooter- everyone loved it!  I couldn’t write down everything from the power points fast enough, so would love the slides for my notes.

Thanks again!

October 2014, Ms. Sue Moller, School Counselor, Lynbrook School District, NY