Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is used to investigate an individual’s strengths and weaknesses as a learner. It is useful in identifying some of the more complex learning issues, including auditory, visual, motor, memory and/or attention difficulties. Testing focuses on identifying possible issues as well as developing practical recommendations for school and home. Caren uses her knowledge of schools and the Committee on Special Education (CSE) process to help families and schools work together effectively and efficiently.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

In her private practice Dr. Baruch-Feldman enriches CBT by informing her treatment approach with years of hands-on experience with children, teenagers and adults. CBT is a structured psychological approach that explores how an individual’s cognitions, behaviors, feelings, and physiological responses are connected and how they influence daily functioning. CBT sessions focus on specific symptoms, problems or goals. Homework assignments are often given to enable clients to make progress in-between sessions and facilitate maximum positive change. Caren completed a fellowship and is a Supervisor in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, a type of CBT therapy. She trained under Dr Albert Ellis, one of the founders of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

School & Camp Consultations

Dr. Baruch-Feldman uses her knowledge of schools and the state regulated special education process to assist parents in understanding and receiving the support needed by their child. With Caren as their guide, parents successfully navigate the complex process of documenting, requesting and receiving State mandated 504 Plans and Accommodations and Individualized Educations Plans (IEPs). She also has expertise in managing school related academic and social/emotional difficulties including bullying and executive functioning deficits.

Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman worked as the Camp Psychologist at Camp Ramah in Nyack for many years. Caren has developed a training manual and a series of workshops that can be used throughout the summer and during staff week. She is available to consult regarding training and/or mental health issues of campers and staff. Caren is a faculty member at provides on-line camp staff training. Look for her modules on motivation, positive relationships, and her dog Brandy.

Wellness & Weight Loss Training

Trained by Dr. Judith Beck at the renowned Beck Institute, Dr. Baruch-Feldman uses proven CBT techniques to help people lose weight and improve their overall wellness. She takes a goal oriented, problem-solving approach to enable each person to achieve their long-term goals. Caren focuses on how to handle obstacles so that new behaviors become habits and positive change is long-term and enduring. Caren has a particular interest and expertise in using CBT strategies for weight loss. She has utilized these strategies herself and with many others to make lasting positive change in their lives.