Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman

I believe in living the life you want, not the life you fall into. This is achieved by having a positive outlook, setting realistic and obtainable goals, thinking about what will be good in the long-term, and making a plan for obstacles.

My Philosophy – Make it About “YES!”

For change to occur we need to do and not just talk. Just as we grow stronger by lifting weights, we strengthen our ability to change our behavior by taking action. For change to become lasting and meaningful we must train ourselves to focus on the positive. We often try to change ourselves and others by saying “no” – no more yelling, no more fear, no more cake, or no more running in the halls. However, when we focus on the “no,” our natural reaction is to step/push back. Science teaches us that to make lasting and real change, we need to come from a place of JOY and a place of “YES”!

I have used the philosophy of “YES” in my own life. I lost 20 pounds about two years ago. In the past I had tried to lose weight, but it was always from a place of “no” – what I had to give up in order to lose weight. This time I was able to focus on the positive aspects of my personal journey rather than on the deprivation. So instead of focusing on “not eating that marshmallow” I focus on why this decision makes me happy – I’m healthier, I like the way I look and I love the clothes I can buy. But most importantly, I feel better about myself because I have worked hard to create a positive change in my life.


  • BA from Barnard College of Columbia University.

  • PhD in Clinical-Child Psychology; School Psychology Certificate – St. John’s University.

  • Post-doctoral training at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

  • Fellowship and Supervisor at the Albert Ellis Institute. Trained under Dr. Albert Ellis.

  • Training in CBT strategies for weight loss with Dr. Judith Beck at the Beck Institute at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Member of Anxiety Specialists of Westchester.

  • Chair and co-founder of PAPAS – Parents and Professionals Advocating for Students – at Westchester Day School in Mamaroneck, NY.

  • Faculty member for expertonlinetraining.com.
  • Past president for the School Division of Westchester County Psychological Association.