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9 11, 2017

Harrison CSD: HAS’ Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman Awarded School Psychologist of the Year

By |2021-01-28T04:20:11-05:00November 9, 2017|Children/Adolescents|

Click to View Original Article Congratulations to Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman who was awarded School Psychologist of the Year by the New York Association of School Psychologists (NYASP) for Westchester/Rockland/Putnam Counties.  Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman works with students at Harrison Avenue Elementary School. "I believe that my work in teaching the importance of growing character strengths led to this award," Dr. Baruch-Feldman said.  "I have worked on developing the character strengths of kindness, flexibility, and grit with students at Harrison Avenue for the last few years.  Across the grade level and peer-to-peer, we have been working on explicitly teaching character [...]

9 11, 2017

Quick Tips: Helping Teen Clients Make Grit a Habit

By |2017-11-09T12:00:22-05:00November 9, 2017|Children/Adolescents|

Part two of a three-part series on fostering grit in teen clients. Read part one here. While developing a gritty mind-set is important, if that mind-set is not accompanied by a change in behavior, you will not get the results you want. So, how can you help your clients create gritty behavior? Set Effective Goals Help your teen clients establish goals that are specific and measurable—and then stretch them. Encourage them to write their goals down and place them where they will see them every day, for example, on their bathroom mirror or as a daily reminder on their phones. [...]

2 11, 2017

Livehappy: How to Raise Positive and Gritty Teens with Caren Feldman and Molly Dahl

By |2017-11-02T12:00:43-04:00November 2, 2017|Children/Adolescents|

What you'll learn in this episode: How we can help teens be the best version of themselves. What mindset, behavior, and culture supports grit. What YOUTH Positive is. Why happiness is a worthy goal. Links and resources mentioned in this episode: Follow Caren on Facebook and Twitter Purchase a copy of The Grit Guide for Teens Follow Molly on Facebook and Twitter Check out YOUTH Positive resources here.

26 10, 2017

Quick Tips: Helping Teens Develop True Grit

By |2017-10-26T12:00:40-04:00October 26, 2017|Children/Adolescents|

Part one of a three-part series on fostering grit in teen clients You may be wondering, "How as a therapist can I bring the latest research from the field of grit into my practice? And, more importantly, how can I foster grit in my teenage clients?" In this three-part series, you will discover: 1) How to help teens develop a gritty mind-set 2) How to help teens develop gritty behavior 3) How to help teens develop a grit team and community Part 1: Helping Teens Develop a Gritty Mind-set How one thinks affects one’s behaviors and emotions. So, what type [...]

5 10, 2017

Fireborn Institute: Getting Gritty

By |2021-01-28T04:21:40-05:00October 5, 2017|Children/Adolescents|

Grit is a huge component of success. It's what helps you become the soccer star and the top of your class. It's what helps you get through the tough times when you want to quit. Help your kids learn what they can do to be more gritty from the author of The Grit Guide for Teens, Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman!

28 09, 2017

Preparing for the NYC Marathon: My Four Ps – Passion, Practice, People, and Purpose

By |2017-09-28T20:02:16-04:00September 28, 2017|Children/Adolescents|

Yes, it is official. I am putting it out into the universe. I have signed up and am now training for the New York City Marathon on November 5th. No, I have never done anything like this before. Yes, I’m scared and uncertain. However, one thing I am certain of is that by taking on challenges, I become more open and willing to face new ones. Now that my book about grit, The Grit Guide for Teens: A Workbook to Help You Build Perseverance, Self-Control and a Growth Mindset, is complete my new goal is to complete a marathon. Not [...]

21 09, 2017

Heleo: Grit, Gratitude, and the Art of Sticking With It

By |2017-09-21T12:00:37-04:00September 21, 2017|Children/Adolescents|

"We need to accept ourselves before we can change ourselves." Caren Baruch-Feldman is a clinical psychologist and a certified school psychologist who works on developing grit and self-control. University of Pennsylvania psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman recently hosted her on The Psychology Podcast to discuss how gratitude amplifies grit, and how we always have the power to change for the better. Read On To Discover: Why the word "yet" is so powerful Why being a teenager is so challenging in today's world What made Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz so gritty

14 09, 2017

Livehappy: Two Books Teach Teens to Be Happier, More Resilient

By |2017-09-14T12:00:35-04:00September 14, 2017|Children/Adolescents|

Is there any time in life when perseverance and self-control are more crucial—and yet less in abundance—than during the teenage years? In adolescence, brains go through changes that can make teens act impulsively. Meanwhile, changes in hormones cause moods and emotions to go haywire. How can positive psychology fit into this chaotic mix to help teens regain a sense of balance and purpose during this confusing time?